40 Days of Prayer

Posted on Aug 01 , 2018 in Ongoing

Dear New Life Family,

Starting tomorrow, August 1st we invite you all to join together for 40 Days of Prayer as we ask God to move and speak to us as a congregation concerning the future He envisions for us! Our desire is to enter into this time as one community seeking to experience prayer with one heart and hearing from God together.

Over the next 40 days we will be sending out daily emails with a link to a blog that will provide a reflection point or focus for our prayers each day. We would also love to hear how God is speaking to you through these 40 days. You can email Bev (bamanonlc2@gmail.com) or David (david@resonatela.org) to share your experiences and we will also provide a few times on Sundays throughout the 40 Days to share our experiences through journaling or testimonies!

Starting tomorrow August 1st, we invite you to also join us Wednesday evenings at the church from 7:00pm-9:00pm as we gather together for prayer times facilitated by Pastor Stan Nishikubo.

Please be sure to look for the first email for our 40 Days starting tomorrow! We also invite you to email to join David in a 24 hour fast from tonight until Wednesday evening as we enter into this amazing time of seeking God together.

May our journey together in prayer strengthen our hearts, minds and spirits to follow our God with renewed purpose and passion for His Kingdom!



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