Mexico Trip Praise May 2018

Posted on Jun 01 , 2018 in Blog & Ongoing

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your faithful prayer support! We had another amazing time visiting with our family in Mexico. We continue to be amazed and humbled by God’s goodness and faithfulness and all that He teaches us. Each trip is always different and we love how God just works in perfect ways!

It was a packed weekend but we totally felt that God was guiding our time together. On Friday night we had dinner at Tlaquepaque with Al and Rosa. It was so good to see them and catch up over some yummy food! Please continue to pray for Al and Rosa in their ministry. God is blessing and multiplying their work of training pastors and leaders. Please also pray for ongoing healing for Al’s eye–he continues to have problems with his vision.

Saturday morning we did not have our usual time of feeding the homeless people with Pastor Javier and Silvia. That morning we started our time with Bob reading an excerpt out of a book he has been reading by Bob Goff called Everybody Always. The whole book is about what it means to love people and we felt encouraged and inspired to show God’s love to all those we encountered. This was especially appropriate because we found out from Al and Rosa that Pastor Javier had relapsed and as a result they lost a lot of the support they were receiving for the two rehab shelters they were running. Consequently, Javier and Silvia were now separated. Silvia was running both shelters and Javier was in rehab himself. Our hearts were very heavy and broken by this news and after our devotional time we felt the need to reach out to them. So on Saturday morning we went to the Women’s Rehab Center with Martha and found Silvia there so we met with her and prayed with her. She poured out her pain and hurt and talked about how she was feeling so overwhelmed with all the responsibility of running this shelter. She shared about how she really did not know how she was going to continue to pay the bills to run the shelters but also stated that God was working and providing. It was a powerful time of ministry and prayer as we were able to just be present with Silvia in her pain and simply hold and love her. Martha is planning to continue to reach out to Silvia and invited her to their small group.

Grace, Mika and Jessica then went back to Martha’s to work with the children, as they had close to 30 children waiting for them! The children were showered with God’s love and learned more about God through their time spent with Grace, Mika, and Jessica, who partnered with Letty and Liz from Martha’s church. The kids also got to benefit from all the wonderful goodies the team brought. Karen had brought wonderful school supplies for the kids and we also had toy and candy donations to share with the kids.

While Grace, Mika and Jessica were working with the kids, the rest of us went with Martha to see if we could find Pastor Javier at the Men’s Rehab Center. We were able to find him and pray for him as well. Javier shared his heart and expressed his desire to want to reconcile his relationship with God and with his family. We were able to pray for him and show our love to him. Martha encouraged him to come to church on Sunday so that he could be in community.

Please pray for Javier and Silvia as they go through this challenging time. They are asking for accountability and more support for their ministry. Please pray that others would step up and help them in their ministry. Please also pray for ongoing healing in their relationship. Please also pray that God would use this as an opportunity for Martha, Javier, and Silvia to partner together.

We felt led to buy some food for the rehab shelters so Winnie drove us to the grocery store so we could buy 45 kg bags of beans and rice for the shelter. We were also able to bless them with other basics such as eggs and laundry detergent. They were very touched by our outpouring of love.

We then spent the rest of the day visiting people in their homes for a time of prayer ministry. Martha had let her church know that we were coming down and asked who wanted prayer. We ended up praying for about 8 families. It was such a wonderful time of feeling the power of the Holy Spirit work within and through us. It was so neat to see people using their various prayer giftings and we tangibly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!!! It was touching and invigorating to experience God working in this way!

On Sunday, a few of us shared during Sunday service. Grace did an awesome job of being our translator. We were able to share about how God touched us during this trip and also express our appreciation for our wonderful family in Mexico who pray and fast weekly for us and lift our church up in prayer.

As always, there are many more stories of praise and this is only a snapshot of our experience. But God is good!! We totally give Him all the praise, glory and honor for the amazing time we had in Mexico.

Thank you for your prayers, financial support, donations, and encouragement of the ministry. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to show God’s love to those around us! As you can see by the pictures, a lot of our time was just focused on loving the people and allowing God’s Spirit to do the rest. There was a lot of love flowing this weekend and it was a privilege to serve together!

With Love and Appreciation,
The Mexico Mission Team

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