2018 NL Camgaign – Who Am I?

Posted on Jan 15 , 2018 in Ongoing

Come join us Feb. – Mar., 2018 as we consider the universal question, who an I? Though this is very much on the minds of adolescence & young adults, it revisits us at various season of our lives. Each week we will look at one aspect of our identity; where it originates, what it looks like, and how to live in a this newfound reality. my prayer is that we will all find a strong foundation on which to build our lives as we discover and live out our true identity in God.

New life campaigns and designed for people to attend. Worship on Sunday and meet up in Small Group mid-week for discussion and sharing. Various groups will be meeting throughout the area, including the church. Childcare will be provided but please let us know in advance. If you aren’t part of a small group but would like to participate in this 8 week series, please contact April Sue.

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