Mexico Trip Praise September 2017

Posted on Sep 06 , 2017 in Blog & Ongoing

Thank you all for your powerful prayers! God blessed us with another wonderful visit with our family in Ensenada and we definitely felt empowered by God’s Spirit!

On Saturday we started the morning early joining Pastor Javier by serving soup to the homeless men and women. We continue to be deeply touched by Pastor Javier and Sylvia’s ministry. Many of these men and women expressed their sincere gratitude as we offered them a cup of soup and God’s blessing. We continue to be reminded about how a simple act of kindness can mean so much and how showing kindness can be contagious. One of the homeless men had a dog and Mika noticed that the dog was hungry so she pulled out a bone from the soup to give to the dog. The man and others were so touched by her act of kindness–the homeless man even gave her his sunglasses–which was probably one of his only possessions–to her to express his appreciation for the love she demonstrated to him and to his dog, as well as others.

Others driving by also noticed what we were doing. As we were serving the soup, a worker from the sanitation department stopped by to offer us a trash bag and encouraged us for doing this work. Another man on a motorcycle had driven by and looped back around to stop and talk to us as we were packing up. He said he wanted to say “Thank you” for the work that we were doing. He was nicely dressed in a leather Harley Davidson jacket and appeared fairly well to do—at least he appeared as a stark contrast to the homeless people and us in our grubbies!! He proceeded to tell us about his own journey of being addicted to drugs and alcohol for 30 years and losing his job, his family, everything. He then shared about how he was eventually able to break the bonds of addiction through finding God and encouraged us to keep reaching out to those who are fighting their demons of addiction. What was so cool about this moment is that this man was also able to encourage this other young homeless man who Grace had been encouraging to go to the Rehab Center. This young man was not ready to go to the Rehab Center but we pray that seeds were planted, and he was inspired by this other man’s testimony of hope and redemption.

We then came back to Martha’s shelter where Grace and Mika worked with the children. It was so cute to see the kids run and cheer as they saw Mika and Grace—they were sooo excited!! Grace and Mika showered them with so much love and all the kids had a wonderful time. Meanwhile, Aki and Bob were busy at work repairing the toilet. It was heartwarming to see Aki and Bob, like old times, bickering, joking, and working together as a team to get the job done!!

We then enjoyed a yummy lunch of potato tacos with our family in Mexico. The tacos were delicious and prepared with such love. We also shared our goodies. Martha’s oldest granddaughter, Kelly, did her happy dance as she saw the box of April’s spam musubi. She kept cheering how much she loves the musubi! After lunch, we all enjoyed April’s delicious cake!! Thank you, April, for always sending us out with your love!!

After lunch, we all piled into the car “Mexico style” to do some prayer ministry. We were able to follow up with some of the same people we had been visiting over the last couple of trips and it was so encouraging for us to hear how prayers have been answered. One of the biggest praises is that Liz who had been on bedrest due to a high risk pregnancy was able to recently return back to church. She is now in her 8th month and was able to sing on Sunday on the worship team. Praise God!! Please continue to be praying for her and her husband Christian as they await the birth of their baby girl !!

We had dinner with Al and Rosa and were able to hear about the wonderful ways God is growing their ministry. Please be praying for them as they found an ideal location for their training ministry. They have already outgrown the space they are currently renting and need a bigger place. Please pray for God’s provision and favor to be upon them, as they hope to be able to rent this new and bigger space.

On Sunday, Aki was able to share with the congregation about her ministry in Japan and Bob shared his testimony with the congregation. The congregation appreciated their honesty and authenticity and were encouraged and inspired by hearing about Aki and Bob’s journey.

We continue to be humbled by the ways God uses all of His for His greater purposes. God continues to amaze us by His faithfulness and we continue to be in awe of how perfect His plans are. We know seeds continue to be planted and God in His goodness works in His amazing ways. May we all continue to plant the seeds of love to those around us and see how God will grow these acts of love and kindness!!

Thank you all for partnering with us on this journey. Your financial support, donations, prayers, and words of encouragement mean so much to us and to our family in Mexico. You all are such a blessing!!

With deep appreciation and love,
The Mexico Mission Team

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