Mexico Trip Praise May 2017

Posted on May 30 , 2017 in Blog & Ongoing

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your faithful prayers!! God is so good and we give thanks to our awesome God for another amazing trip!!! It was a trip where we just felt so empowered by the Holy Spirit and felt God just using us for His glory. The Spirit of God was so palpable. We could just feel the Spirit moving mightily in our midst and we felt your prayers in a very tangible way!! One of the highlights of this trip for me was praying with this powerful team of intercessors. Winnie, Lori, Grace, Bob and Eddie each brought their special gift of intercession —talk about being overwhelmed by the Spirit. God was totally honoring their humble, bold, honest prayers!!

On Friday we went over to Letty’s house to pray for Liz, who is pregnant with her second child. We went over to pray because Liz is experiencing some complications with her pregnancy and is on complete bed rest. Please be praying for her. Liz and her mother Letty, as well as her husband Christian are faithful servants at Martha’s church. God was mightily present as we prayed for healing and covering upon this family.

On Saturday, we joined Pastor Javier for his homeless ministry. Praise God–two of the men we met that decided morning to leave the streets and their life of addiction to go to the Men’s Rehab Center. This was a very big step for them as they struggled with this decision. Eddie encouraged and helped walk these men to take this step. Please continue to pray for these men that they can encounter God and experience deep healing in their lives.

We then visited the Women’s shelter where Grace and Eddie provided a message of encouragement to the women there. We also had an opportunity to pray for some of these women who had specific prayer requests. I loved seeing our team show such great compassion and love toward these women, and these women were so touched by the love and support they were receiving. We were also able to bless them with some supplies such as hygiene products, rice and beans, as well as deliver donations.

Grace then went to work at Martha’s shelter to help out with the children’s ministry. We nickamed Grace, the “Rock Star,” because the children just adore her and always look forward to her coming. The rest of use went to the Men’s Rehab Shelter. The men were out working already so we had a time of praying for Pastor Javier. It was again a time of experiencing the Holy Spirit moving and seeing Pastor Javier being encouraged and renewed by God through our prayers.

We then had a delicious lunch of tacos dorado made by Martha. We shared our spam musubi and April’s yummy cake. Our family in Mexico LOVE spam musubi–Martha’s 9 year old granddaughter ate 5 in one sitting!! She will ask if we brought spam musubi and will literally do a cheer and dance when we give her April’s delicious spam musubi. (April, we were down to the last layer of musubi by the end of lunchtime!!)

After lunch, we continued on in our prayer ministry time, we had people from Martha’s church asking us to come over to pray for them. Most of them are faithfully serving in Martha’s church. We had prayed for them in our last trip and they had asked us to come back because they were so touched by our time together. It was a sweet time of building relationships and providing encouragement and prayer. I was personally touched by how so many of their prayer requests were for strength and for encouragement for them to grow more in their relationship with God, as well as prayer requests for family members who had strayed away from God or who were not yet Christians. I was humbled by the earnestness of their request as you could see how hungry they were to grow in their faith but also how much their hearts broke for those they loved who were far from God. It was a blessing and privilege for us to pray for these church members, many of whom are fasting and praying daily for us and our church. We ended the evening with dinner with Al and Rosa at Las Brisas. It was so good to catch up with them. They just had a graduation this weekend of their biggest class of leaders! God continues to use them in their ministry work of equipping and multiplying leaders.

On Sunday, Eddie preached and shared his testimony at Martha’s church and the church was so encouraged by his inspiring message. He talked about how even in the midst of our tribulations God is present and God is working. God’s plans are so much better than greater than what we can comprehend and He will use even our trials for His glory. The church continued to shower us with their love and appreciation and held a potluck luncheon for us after the service.We enjoyed the delicious food prepared with such love and care! We also enjoyed our time of fellowship with our church family down there–we also got to visit with Martha’s newest grandchild–3 month old baby Jorge. He is Adriana and David’s son! Martin continues to do well and is thriving at the shelter. Each time we see him, he seems more at peace and is getting more comfortable with us. It is neat to see him smiling!

We were truly blessed with our time in Mexico. Thank you for all your support and encouragement!! All your monetary support and donations are so appreciated!! Your generosity and kindness touch our family in Mexico deeply. We also appreciate your prayers so much. Your prayers sustain us and we have seen God answer prayers in such undeniably amazing ways!! God is truly awesome and we thank you for being part of the blessings we experienced this weekend!!

We hope you will join us some time so you can experience first hand some of these praises!! We are continually reminded of how Good and Great God is and how Faithful He is. We give all praise, glory and honor to Him!!

With Love and Appreciation,
The Mexico Mission Team

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