Mexico Trip Praise January 2017

Posted on Jan 17 , 2017 in Blog & Ongoing

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to our faithful prayer supporters!! We had an amazing time in Mexico and words fail to express the magnitude of how blessed we felt on this trip and how we felt the power of your prayers.

We continue to be in total awe of how awesome our God is!! God was so faithful in every single detail and we just saw the hand of God move in so many different ways from just little things to these WOW moments!

On Friday night, we were blessed with a fun time of fellowship with our family in Mexico, as we were able to celebrate Martha’s birthday with her and her family; Pastor Javier and his family also joined us for a celebration at Martha’s favorite Chinese restaurant.

On Saturday morning we headed out at 7 am to feed the homeless with Pastor Javier and then visited the Women’s Rehab Center. We had an opportunity to share some words of encouragement to the women there. We were also able to spend time praying for the women. It was a very touching time of being able to show love to them by praying for them and in some cases just embracing them. I was deeply touched by how for many of these women just wanted to be shown God’s love and shown compassion and acceptance. A couple of the women just broke down and wept, they just sobbed as Grace and I held them because they were missing their families. It reminded me of how just a simple act of love breaks down all barriers. We then went to the Men’s Rehab Center where Eddie and Bob were able to bring a brief message of encouragement to these men. When we called them up for prayer, all of them came up and wanted to receive prayer. My heart was again deeply touched by seeing these men weep as we prayed for them. These men and women so desperately want to change their lives. But they also know the reality of their addictions. Yet we could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit so powerfully as the Spirit was hovering upon them. Please pray for these women and men–pray for God’s ongoing miraculous healing upon their lives. Pray that God would continue to honor and bless their desire to be freed from their pain and addictions.

Buying Food

Distributing Food

We then spent the rest of the day with Martha visiting with members in her church and praying for them. We visited and prayed for about 8 families! It was a powerful time of prayer–seeing the Holy Spirit working in so many different ways. One woman even came to her friend’s house to be prayed for because her husband did not want us to come and pray so she went over to her friend’s house to receive prayer because she did not want to miss out on this opportunity!

On Sunday morning, Eddie preached to the congregation and his message was on the Holy Spirit. God had already laid this message on his heart before we even came down to Mexico and all the events of the weekend just confirmed this message. The service was amazing and we all felt the power of the Holy Spirit. It was an incredible experience to feel the Holy Spirit filling us and moving in our midst!!

We ended the service by being able to pass out some food that we had purchased and the congregation members were very touched by this act of kindness and love.

As always, there is so much more to say and words fail to capture what we experienced. We thank you for this opportunity and blessing to serve. It was a total privilege and a humbling experience for us to be used by God!

Thank you for your donations–it is such a blessing for them to receive your love in the form of clothes, toiletries, etc. Thank you for your financial donations. Martin, the young man at Martha’s shelte,r continues to thrive. The girls who stayed at the shelter continue to keep in contact with Martha and continue to visit and update her. Some have continued to go on in school. Teresa, one of the first girls, many of you supported–is now a nurse and I know a number of you contributed to her schooling. Please know that seeds are being planted and even though we may not always see the fruits of our labor–God continues to work.

Thank you again for all your prayers!! Please also consider joining us on one of our future trips. God will honor and bless your obedience and you will be amazed by how great our God is!!

With much love and appreciation,
The Mexico Mission Team

Women's Rehab

Men's Rehab

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