Mexico Trip Praise August 2016

Posted on Aug 26 , 2016 in Blog & Ongoing

Thank you so much for all your prayers!! We totally felt the presence of God’ Spirit moving so mightily throughout our trip. It is again so hard to distill all that we experienced this weekend because God’s faithfulness was so evident in so many ways. God totally honored your prayers as He blessed us with such a wonderful time of ministry.

Saturday morning we started off the day bright and early. We fed the homeless people with Pastor Javier and Sylvia along with a couple of men and women from the Rehab Centers. We then came back to Martha’s Shelter and did some work while Grace helped out with the Children’s Ministry. One of the amazing praises is that Grace had the opportunity to lead one of the children to Christ! Praise God!!! After enjoying a yummy lunch of papas (potato) tacos and Mexican pizza with Martha and her family and some church members we went out to pray for a woman in Martha’s church, Dahlia. Martha and her church have been praying for Dahlia as she has been fighting ovarian cancer. Dahlia told us that she has been healed and we were able to visit with her and pray for her and her husband, Guillermo, who was experiencing a great deal of pain from an injury and loss of vision–so he has not been able to work. Eddie and Bob were able to pray for healing for Guillermo and also pray for his salvation, as he is not yet a Christian. He is seeking and we are praying that he will come to know Jesus! We then went to visit Pastor Javier and Sylvia–we spent some time praying for them and then went to the new women’s shelter that Sylvia is running. We spent time with these women hearing their stories. One of the girls was only 14! It was a powerful and touching time as they shared their stories. We were greatly moved by their openness and honesty as they talked about their struggles and their journey. Grace and Eddie were able to encourage them as they shared. Bob also prayed a blessing and prayer of encouragement and covering upon them. We really felt the Holy Spirit moving!! We ended the day by seeing Al and Rosa, our missionary friends for dinner! Talk about a full day of just experiencing God’s powerful presence–it was truly awesome!!!

Sunday morning, Eddie was able to bring the word of God to Martha’s church as he preached to the congregation. The congregation members were touched by the message God spoke through Eddie. It was again a blessed time of feeling God’s presence and the movement of the Spirit. Words fail to describe how amazing it is to just know that you are in the presence of the Almighty. God continues to be so faithful and good to us as we serve in Ensenada.

Martha’s ministry has changed more toward being a shelter for boys. There is one young man there named Martin. He continues to flourish and is doing well. Martha was able to give us an update on some of the girls who were once at the shelter as well. They continue to keep in touch with her and come to visit her so it is encouraging to know that although they are no longer at the shelter God continues the work that was started and continues to grow the seeds that were planted. For many of these girls, their time at the shelter was the first time they encountered God’s love and came to know God. They continue to maintain a relationship with Martha and are appreciative of their time there. One special update came from one of the men at the Men’s Rehab Center, Angel. His daughter,Teresa, was one of the first girls at the shelter. She wanted to be a nurse and some of you supported her while she was at the shelter. Angel let us know that Teresa is now a nurse and is working!! Praise be to God for His faithfulness and goodness!!

God continues to work and we want you to know that your prayers, financial support, and love truly make a difference and continue to make a difference. We may not always see the end result but we continue to submit all to God!! Thank you again for all your prayers. We truly are blessed by your partnership.

The Mexico Mission Team

Grace At Women's Rehab Center

Women's Rehab Center

Juarez Chicken Park

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