Mexico Trip Praise October 2015

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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your powerful prayer support! God blessed us with a very special time in Ensenada. We are deeply grateful for your prayers and support and felt the power of God’s presence, as we were able to minister as a team.
On Friday we had the opportunity to visit Rancho Sordo Mudo– a free home and school for deaf children. We got to meet with Luke Everett the director of Sordo Mudo. Here is a link to his bio http://www.ranchosordomudo.org/staffAlone.php?id=6 and a link to the main web page http://www.ranchosordomudo.org/index.php

Team Picture

Bob and Mario

It was an amazing experience to hear what God has been doing in their ministry. It was humbling to be reminded of how awesome God is and to see how God can use people of prayer and faith to do His greater work of reaching the lost. Luke reminded us that deaf people are the largest unreached people group because they are not able to have access to the gospel–not only because they cannot hear but many do not even have the opportunity to acquire language!
Saturday we partnered with Pastor Javier and his family and ministered to the homeless. We have been doing this for a number of years and they have come to know us. One of the usual guys who is always there is blind man named Mario– he was asking for Bob by name!

During the day we had an opportunity to minister and help some people in Martha’s church. We were able to provide a roof for one of the congregation members and pray over their house. We were also able to pray for Conchita and her family–they are the family that our church was able to bless with money for a house. God continues to multiply this blessing in incredible ways!! Her husband is coming consistently to church and Conchita continues to share the gospel to those around her—it reminds me of the times when Jesus heals people and they are so excited to spread the good news. Conchita has been so touched by God that she is compelled to share the gospel with those around her. Thank you New Life Church for investing in this family–we are reaping eternal rewards!!

Aki and Martha

This trip was especially special because it was Aki’s farewell trip to her family in Mexico. Aki has built lasting relationships here and it was so evident how she has made such an impact on the people here. They truly love her and send her to Japan with all their blessings and prayers. Pastor Javier and Silvia prayed a blessing on her when we visited the Rehab Shelter. Martha and her church had a special service and luncheon for Aki. It was a very touching time as members of the congregation stood up to share words of appreciation for Aki and New Life Christian Church. Eddie translated everything for us. The church presented Aki with a plaque for her to take to Japan so that she can be reminded that her family in Mexico is praying consistently for her. The church members all made delicious food so we had a potluck lunch celebrating Aki!

We also got to spend time with the boys at the shelter. Martha is now housing boys so she has 6 boys between the ages of 4-18. We had fun with them and took them out to tacos when we had dinner with Al and Rosa on Saturday. We also enjoyed getting to know Pastor Dave Fukuyama from Mission Valley Church. It was such a nice opportunity to minister with him and explore possible ways we could partner together with Mission Valley in Mexico. Pastor Dave was a true team player and humble servant! Thank you to Mission Valley Church and New Life Church for the donations. The boys were so excited to get warm clothes!!

Eddie and Dave

It was so cool to see how God used us a team and we all had so much fun together. Everyone brought their unique gifts and we were truly blessed by each other’s company. It is always a privilege to work with such loving people–Aki, Bob, Beverly, Winnie, Grace, Eddie and Pastor Dave–thank you for being true ambassadors of Christ! As Martha’s church said, you embody God’s love in tangible ways!!

Thank you to our supporters– your generosity, love, and prayers are being used by God to further his kingdom in miraculous ways. Thank you all for partnering with us. May God bless you all richly. Please know that God is honoring the faithful work of our family in Mexico and using all of us for His glory. We serve an awesome God!!
Much Love,
The Mexico Mission Team

Giving the House a Roof

Eddie with the Kids

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