Last Man Standing

Posted on Jul 10 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Our team hasn’t been doing that well healthwise. Alice was sick with a cold from the start. Then with the muddying and physical labor in dusty conditions, more people started falling ill, including me. There were some injuries, too – nothing major. Something flew in Javier’s eye when he was working. All the squatting and kneeling with the carpentry team aggravated Dave’s back, which he quickly iced when he returned to camp. In fact, only two people out of the original twelve have remained completely genki, unscathed – Eddie and the 79-year-young David.

We were told at the beginning of the trip to keep a watchful eye on David. Well, the joke is on us because he has been so durable, always ready to work. His face now is ruddy with the sun like a fisherman’s and he looks better than ever. He kept talking about the merits of the onsen and some of us got the experience to soak in the warm and soothing baths at Genki no Yu. We’ve been trying to figure out his secret – is it all the medication he’s taking make him immune to sickness? We’ve found out that he drinks muscle milk two times a day and jokingly have said that it is his elixir.

Last night at our debrief meeting, twenty-five-year-old Derek said that he is inspired by David. I am, too. Many of us have commented that they want to be like David when they “grow up.” When Jesus calls us, we can say that we are too old or too young, too skilled or too unskilled, but I can truly believe its all about answering the call with a “yes.” Much of everything else, including the sickness that some of us is dealing now, is out of our control. Even then things that we are able to do are probably minuscule in God’s grand scheme so there’s no reason to be puffed up with pride. It’s truly been an honor to be a part of this team – now thirteen with Jim Kagawa. I think I’ve gotten a peek of what heaven must look like.

Arigatou, mina-san!


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