From Flood to Frame

Posted on Jul 03 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Derek, Pastor Dave, Javier and myself had a great time with our new building foreman, Scott. Scott is from Hawaii and is a great young Christian man with the heart of a giant. Those of us who are pseudo-kamaiana really bonded and got to hear his story. He guided us to start framing our house to build, but problems started as soon as we arrived. “No problem, hang loose and we’ll figure it out, yea.” So a flood was in the floor so Javier, Derek and Dave dry vac’d out the floor while Scott and I trimmed out the floor joist ledges. But then the finishing contractor and the owner came to let us know that the owner’s daughter is disabled and we need to re-floor the whole first floor.

Meanwhile we got to go to a dedication of a completed house that was being presented back to the owner. This service and dedication was so motivating and endearing. After the service they fed us and the. We went back to work.

Off for now, gotta make dinner. (^O^)/

Chuck Lacy

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