Festival Time!

Posted on Jul 08 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Saturday – We woke up to the patter of rain on the roof, which was a bit disconcerting due to the festival that was suppose to take place later in the day. We began preparations despite the weather.

In the morning after breakfast a group held a coffee hour and a number of people attended. It was wonderful to be able to meet some of the local people, share laughs and listen to their stories. Naomi and Jade were able to pray with one of the ladies in the group. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. Many of the women said this weekly ministry is the only enjoyment in their life.

We started to set up for the festival around 2. Some people already arrived even though the event started at 4. Various groups prepared food, such as shave ice, curry, and team member prepared hot dogs and hamburgers.

When the festival started, I ran into my friend Tomoki whom I met at Takidashi on Monday. He was excited to hear the gospel concert in the evening. We enjoyed making a picture frame and eating shaved ice.

Around 6 we went to see the karaoke singers and at 7, Junko sang gospel music. Tomoki said he was very interested in Gospel music and he even sang along. Junko gave a short testimony for each song. It was evident that the people were intently listening to her presentation. One of the songs that Junko sang, “Kimi wa aisareru tame umareta” (You were born to be loved) had a simple and appropriate message of encouragement that people in Tohoku need to hear right now. It is my prayer that through ministry such as Gospel music, the hearts of the Japanese people will be touched and changed for the Lord.

Derek Yee




Derek and Jenn with friend Tomoki at the festival.

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