We arrived safely in Ichinoseki!

Posted on Apr 04 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Dropped off at the town center, we unloaded the bus to load vans with our luggage as we walked the ten minutes up to base camp. We quickly carried our heavy bags to our rooms and then piled into cars to try and make it to the disaster zones before the sun fell. After a 45 minute drive, we arrived at a huge ship pulled inland over a massive hill about 2 miles from port to where it now lies, inbedded into cement where a street of houses once stood. We were overwhelmed by the reality we once saw only on tv.

As we were driving the base leaders and staff, explained to us that as Japanese Americans, they will think that we speak Japanese and are from Japan. They will be surprised when we begin to speak English and are not be able to translate for the “foreign” looking people. The staff said in terms of spreading the Word, introducing these people to the distant and never heard of “God”, with a capital G, as in there only being one God, not gods, will be an advantage for us because of the way we look. We will be the Christians that look like them. The Japanese may be more welcoming to the idea of Christianity because others, like them, follow the Christian way. So, although many members of our team don’t speak the language, don’t sing, nor have any other outstanding talents that can draw people out of their temporary houses maybe our looks will entice people to follow us.

– Mackenzi

Our first hand experience with one of the areas devastated by the disaster.

Stuffed animals and toys left by people paying their respects to the victims.

Some of the restaurants set up in the temporary housing areas.

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