Tono Winter Wonderland

Posted on Apr 04 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Greetings from snowy Tono! Strongest snow and wind storm since 1959. This photo was taken on Wednesday morning in front of the CRASH base/our home for the next nine days:


Below is a photo of Cindy and a spirited 10 year-old budding artist, who took us to the the local river and caught three small fish:


Part of our team had a nice time visiting with a small group, including both adults and children who came to the morning session and had such a good time that they returned for the afternoon session! They met individuals that had never left their local areas and were amazed that people would travel all the way from the US to be with them. They also met a man who was grateful that he had returned to the Tohoku area two years ago, because when the tsunami hit, he was able to carry his mother to safety. We have enjoyed getting to know the CRASH staff and volunteers in Tono who have been working diligently for several months to bring hope to the region.

– Jenny

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