The End is Coming. . .

Posted on Apr 12 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

We only have a few days left, and God has finally blessed Ichinoseki with great weather! We cleaned up the base camp and sent a few people to the mobile café. The cleaning included washing CRASH cars, vacuuming all the rooms and cleaning the bathrooms and showers. Our work may not always be glamorous but it is still serving God. Only a few people helped at the café because of the small space at the “katsetsus” and the few number of Japanese who typically come to this café. Our activities at the café were painting nails, applying makeup and coloring dish towels.

The rest of the team was busy making baskets and dying eggs as omiyage. They made about 60 bags and dyed 115 eggs.

Prepping for our activities

– Mackenzi

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  1. naomi

    6 years ago

    It seems as though you just left! Two weeks passed so quickly.


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