Ichinoseki: Ricky Cafes

Posted on Apr 08 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Another great day in Ichinoseki!

This morning, the girls went to hula class, and the men stayed back to boil eggs to dye them on Saturday with the children. I also, finished cleaning about 50 boots for the farmer survivors which were donated by CRASH.

This afternoon we set up another “Ricky Cafe” or a mobile café for a very small kasetsu (temporary housing community). About 10 survivors showed up, and it was one our favorite cafés because our team members were able to make great connections and relationships with the survivors. We made friendship bracelets, stain glass with crayons and printed more pictures!

Our Ricky Cafe Sign

Matsu tree

Matsu. This whole area was filled with these trees however, after the tsunami only one stands. It is considered the tree of hope, but unfortunately it is dying due salt water.


The survivors from the kasetsu we visited today were originally from this town named “Kessenuma”. This is all that is left from this area that was once filled with houses and buildings.

–       Robby

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