Celebrating the Risen Son in the Land of the Rising Sun

Posted on Apr 08 , 2012 in Blog & Ongoing

Happy Easter Everyone!

This has been an amazing 10 days for us as we have served alongside the staff here at CRASHJapan’s Tono Base. It’s a difficult endeavor to try to put our experiences into words. As all 15 of us piled into three cars to make the 90 minute trek out to Kitakami Baptist Church to celebrate Easter together, what has really become evident is that in just 10 days we have truly all become family.

NLC2 Tono Team having fun with the Tono Base Staff and Volunteers

As we are reminded of God’s grace, mercy and love extended to all of us through Jesus’ sacrifice and victory over death today, it’s also a reminder of what a great impact Jesus had in the short time He ministered here on earth. Thinking about that, it’s a reminder to us that even though our ministry time here in Japan is short, it doesn’t diminish the impact we can have as God’s messengers of hope when we really just let go and let God move!

Many of us on the team were talking about how blessed we’ve been to be able to make some really meaningful connections with the survivors in the temporary housing units, even being invited into their homes to spend 2-3 hours in one on one conversations. But it’s also bittersweet to think that we won’t have a chance to see them again.

What makes it easier though to let go is to know that our family here in Tono will be here still, working so hard to bring a smile, bring God’s hope, and share His love through their incredible hearts of service and their warmth which remains so needed in an area surrounded by constant reminders of the devastation they have suffered.

An elementary school in Otsuchi where fires destroyed most of what the tsunami did not.

As the people of Otsuchi and Kamaishi in Iwate, Japan continue to recover, there are banners that express their firm commitment to “never look back” but the real question is how to look forward? That’s the question Jim, Eileen, Amy, Miki, Miyu and the other volunteers here at Tono work so hard to answer with hope, friendship, and love.

It’s been an almost indescribable experience and we are so grateful for the privilege to be able to represent New Life here in Tono. Thank you for how you all have helped make God’s love a greater reality in Japan.


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  1. Naomi Fukuchi

    6 years ago

    Happy Easter from your church family in Glendale! You all were missed, but it seems as though you had a very special holiday that you probably will never forget.


  2. Ida

    6 years ago

    Hi Everyone! It’s so good to see your smiling faces! Your updates are wonderful, we’re so glad to read you’re having meaningful moments with the survivors there. Praying for more and more of HIs love to pour through you and into the pple there. Pls. say hello to Yumiko.


  3. Dave Watanabe

    6 years ago

    Happy belated Easter to all of you! For some reason, I’m just reading this blog right now. May our Lord continue to empower and use each of you in every divine encounter and moment. We missed you but also prayed for you as a congregation on Easter Sunday.


    P.S. July Japan Team will be meeting for an initial dinner get together this coming Saturday at the Lacys.


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